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Customer Testimonials

“We are happy to be asked to provide a testimonial in support of the nomination for Erich for a “Roofing Excellence” Award.

Erich stocker has worked as a specialist subcontractor for Field & Hall Ltd on several of our projects over the past five years, including the Creative & Performing Arts Centre and the Covered Sports Centre at Scots College.

He has always demonstrated a careful attention to detail and a very high standard of workmanship.  The external cladding systems on these projects have been complex detailed systems.  Erich is extremely good at applying practical solutions to difficult detailing on the Architectural drawings leading to cost effective solutions while maintaining the architectural desired appearance.

He has also shown himself to be an excellent communicator which helps to ensure all parties work efficiently and work through any issues in both the design and installation stages.  An example of this was the curved barge flashing to each end of the Covered Sports Centre.  This was a complex curved flashing detail that architects had drawn as a segmented aluminium flashing.  This detail would have detracted from the overall quality of the building exterior.  After discussions with Erich we agreed on a detail using pre-weathered zinc flashing progressively installed to the curve eliminated the segmented curve look.  This system was more expensive than originally planned but fortunately the client was prepared to pay the additional cost knowing the quality of Erich’s workmanship.  The result was stunning and completed within the estimate for this flashing.  Erich’s standard of workmanship is outstanding and therefore he is never required to return to site to carry out maintenance work.

In all stages of the projects Erich has not only shown himself to be a skilled craftsman but has proven to be a key member of the team.  He is always punctual and maintains a high level of commitment to the health and safety both for himself and his co-workers.”

Yours Faithfully

- Richard Field, Field & Hall Ltd - www.fieldandhall.co.nz

"I personally worked with Erich on ‘the Rock’ at Wellington International Airport (Terminal Development Project).  Erich has also worked on additional commercial and residential Studio Pacific Architecture projects across a number of years.

Erich has been consistently pleasant to work with, and has an obvious expertise in relation to the work he has completed.  With regards to the work on ‘The Rock’ at Wellington International Airport in particular, the system design of the copper sheathed plinths which defined the external form of the building was worked on together with Erich.  The resolution of the fixing systems and panel geometry through Erich’s assistance were greatly appreciated.  Erich went on to lead the installation teams that completed the work on-site and achieved an outstanding result.

Erich has always demonstrated an ability to think innovatively and has incredible attention to detail and a very high standard of workmanship.  In all stages of the project Erich has not only shown himself to be a skilled craftsman but has proven to be a key member of the team.  He is always punctual and maintains a high level of commitment to the health and safety of his co-workers.

I would be pleased to supply a verbal testimonial if called on.  I wish Erich every success in the ‘Roofing Excellence’ award through the Roofing association of New Zealand."

Yours sincerely

- Marcellus Lilley, Associate – Studio Pacific Architecture

"Warren and Mahoney are pleased to see Erich Stocker is to be nominated for an award of excellence with the Roofing Association of New Zealand and happily provide a testimonial in support of the nomination.

We have had the opportunity to work with Erich on two notable Warren and Mahoney projects completed over the recent years, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, and “The Rock” Wellington airport’s international passenger terminal, both completed in 2010. A signature feature of both buildings is the design and application of folded metal claddings over complex and irregular geometries.

The Supreme Court building incorporates large areas of folded zinc roofing, but is most notable for the folded copper clad courtroom that sits at the centre of the building.  The elliptical courtroom is enclosed by a complex surface continuously curving in two directions to form both walls and roof.  The design utilises a very strict geometric pattern for the cladding, but with enough flexibility to account for the varying elliptical shape.  Extensive 3D computer modelling in the studio confirmed this was feasible, although required an extremely fine level of construction tolerance.

Our concerns of translating this level of accuracy to the construction site were quickly put to rest at a pre-construction meeting with Erich, where his enthusiasm and concern about the detail became evident. Our confidence grew even further when we then observed Erich on site for 4-5 weeks marking out by felt pen on the plywood substrate each of the 2,300 individual tiles, making multiple and lengthy adjustments when they did not align.  Finally the set-out was complete, and each of the uniquely sized panels was folded and installed under Erich’s watchful eye.  If a panel arrived on site that wasn't a perfect fit it was sent back to the workshop until it was right.

The demanding nature of the pattern left no room for inaccuracy, and the faultless end result stands as testament to Erich’s rigorous approach, attention to detail, and absolute commitment to achieving an outstanding end result.  We doubt the completed product would be the same without the skill set that Erich was able to bring to the team.

In a similar manner, “The Rock” at the Airport benefited greatly from Erich’s involvement. Named in reference to the rugged and rocky Wellington south coast, a distinguishing feature of the building is the irregular, multi-facetted external skin that is formed from folded weathered copper.

The complex and unconventional design of the cladding in tandem with the demanding and high performance requirements of the Airport’s operational environment lead to the construction of a full scale mock-up of the structure and cladding during the design phase of the project.  This process, enabled the design and construction teams to work closely together in fine tuning the cladding systems.  Erich’s advice and involvement in this early stage again bought a great deal of confidence to the project team, confirming that the design objectives could be met without compromising the constructability or weathering performance of the building.

When construction was underway, Erich managed a team of skilled tradesmen to once again deliver a faultless result.  The fact that the cladding system was applied so painlessly around such a complex geometry is evidence of the value and insight that Erich brought to the team during design phase.

The Supreme Court building and The Rock are both award winning buildings that push the boundaries of architecture in New Zealand, and buildings of which Warren and Mahoney take great pride.

We feel equally that Erich can share in this sense of pride, for the role he has played in the successful delivery of such key parts of each building.  Throughout both projects Erich impressed us with his enthusiasm and thoroughness, and it would only be fair to say we have learned a great deal about folded metal claddings from him as a result.

Erich is a true craftsman, and a tradesman we would welcome to any project. We believe him thoroughly deserving of recognition for his contribution not only to the above projects, but also advancing the level of skill and workmanship within the roofing trade in Wellington."

Yours Faithfully

- Nick Warring (Principal Architect) and Rodney Sampson (Principal Architect)
Warren and Mahoney Architects Limited