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Zinc roofZinc is a very malleable metal that can satisfy the most demanding architectural applications.


Its flexibility allows architects to freely express themselves with creative façade designs and to overcome many design issues that less flexible roofing materials pose.


The various profiles and seams available provide the potential for interesting and unique facades that feature sharp lines, corners, angles and both convex and concave shapes.


Zinc - Non Toxic and Durable

Zinc is a non toxic, durable material that weathers overtime to form a grey – pewter like patina. It is fully recyclable and requires less energy to produce than many other roofing metals. 90% of all zinc used in the building industry is recycled.


It has a superior life expectancy of (indicative) 90 to 100 years in rural applications and 60 to 90 years in coastal applications.


It is available in coils of up to 1m wide.


Benefits of Zinc

The benefits of using Zinc for roofing and cladding projects are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Available in a number of surface aspects
  • Malleability / Versatility
  • Highly Corrosion Resistant
  • Longevity – Proven over centuries of use
  • Recyclable  / Recycle Value
  • Suited to contemporary and traditional designs
  • Adds value to a property

Further technical information can be obtained through our suppliers: www.vmzinc.co.nz

Colour Options for Zinc

Anthra Zinc Ash Blue Autumn Red

Lichen Green Quartz Zinc









Pigmento Brown