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Angle Seam

Angle Seam is formed with standing seams at longitudinal panel edges and smooth flat pan. It is suited for wall cladding and roofs with a pitch not less than 25˚. Angle seam can be installed in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Angle Seam is suitable for interior and exterior applications.


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Angle Seam Projects


The Rock - Angle Seam

The Rock

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Pelorus Sports House - Angle Seam

Pelorus Sports House

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Chaffers New World - Angle Seam

Chaffers New World

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Scots College Boarding House - Angle Seam

Scots College Boarding House

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 Angle Seam

Korokoro Residence

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 Angle Seam

Seatoun Residence

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Key Advantages

Economical:The use of profiling and seaming machines for the closure of the longitudinal seam joints significantly reduces manufacturing and installation time. This reduction in time makes for one of the most cost-effective solutions, particularly when considering large surface areas.

Greater Structural Stability: As with all fully supported systems, there is a requirement for a plywood substrate which not only ensures an extra durable roof or wall but also provides extra lateral bracing for the building as a whole.


Thermal Expansion: Angle Seam System allows for thermal expansion in the panel joints and clips.


Versatile: The low height of the seams (25-32mm) contributes to the agility and uniformity of the roof, whilst highlighting its architectural purpose when dealing with more complex designs. Classic Metal Angle Seam can also be installed as a striking façade system.


Unique Crafted Aesthetic: As standing seam systems generally utilize a lighter gauge material, the result is a more lively and hand-crafted aesthetic.

Suitable to all surface aspects including Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Colour coated Products.


Sustainable: Classic Metal draws on traditional craftsmanship to create more robust systems which are built to last 50-100 years and require minimal maintenance. Many of the material options are able to be recycled or produced from up to 100% recycled material.  

Building Consent


A key advantage of Angle Seam system is that it is covered in Section 11 of the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice ‘Secret fixed Cladding” which can aid your building consent application.  It often helps to include a copy of this in your specification to support your application for building consent.

Download your copy here:
http://metalroofing.org.nz/frontend/download the COP.cfm


Specification: Classic Metal can also provide a project specific specification


Typical Details

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