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Classic Metal Designs

Classic Metal offers a range of specialist roofing and cladding profiles some of which have been in use throughout Europe for centuries.  These classical systems, employ a combination of preformed and hand folded components to create bespoke systems which are very well suited to both traditional and contemporary designs.


Classic Metal maintains their integrity by pricing to the standards set out by the Roofing Association of New Zealand Code of Practice at a minimum, with the ambition to exceed these standards.  By engaging their specialist knowledge and expertise, the Classic Metal team aim to price the job right the first time, so that they can then produce exceptional results.  


Why Classic Metal Systems?


Key Benefits Include:


1. Time-Tested Systems: Classic Metal utilizes traditional systems which are reinvented to suit the project. The handcrafted nature of these bespoke systems and the fact that they are fully supported on plywood means that they will be more durable and last a lot longer than other proprietary systems. 


2. Aesthetics: Timeless and classic designs


3. Energy Efficient: Plywood substrate can prevent heat from escaping in winter and less heat will penetrate in the summer months. Many of the sheet metals utilized also have the ability to reflect solar energy adding to the energy efficiency of the building.


4. Thermal Benefits: Plywood substructure also assists with preventing heat from escaping in the winter and less heat will penetrate into the building in the summer.


5. Sustainable options: Most sheet metal we use is 100% recyclable and made from recycled material.  All fully supported systems lend themselves to easy Installation of solar panels.


6. Greater Structural Stability: Use of a plywood substrate not only strengthens the roof but it also contributes to the overall bracing of the building.


7. Seismic movement & Thermal Expansion: Many of our roofing and cladding systems can be designed to slide and move and clip together without the need for fixings. This allows us to work with designers to produce project specific seismic details. These sliding joints also allow for thermal expansion.


8. Acoustics: Plywood substructure means less noise transfer 


9. Maintenance: Some systems like our Roll Cap Profile roofing allows for easy installation of maintenance hooks and safety eyelets without compromising the roofing system. Maintenance or replacement of trays is very simple with this system.


10. Versatile: Classic Metal systems are suitable for roof and wall cladding


11. Unlimited material options. All material options are available and all projects with a roofing/cladding requirement of 500m2 or more have unlimited colour options.   Classic Metal: Premium metal finishes



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